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Roof Repairs

Repair is a process where an existing roofing system has additions and adjustments made to it, such as caulking, re-roofing and repairing penetration to fix leaks in the roofing system. We offer repairs for Homeowners, Real Estate Agents and Insurance claims.

How do you know if your roof needs to be repaired instead of replaced?

First, use our section on Outdoor and Indoor Roof Inspection. Many of the inspection items show that simple repairs can be very effective in prolonging the life of your roof. Remember that Argus Roofing are experts in roof repair and our estimates are always free.

If after viewing our Roof Inspection pages you are not sure or want an experts opinion, call us at 514-695-2356 and we will always do an inspection for free and give you an estimate of the cost of repair.

If you do not need a new roof, we will tell you exactly that.

If you need a new roof, we will discuss what options are available including financing.

IF you are an existing Argus client you know that we guarantee our roofs 100% and so your repairs if covered under our extensive warranty are free!